How to trade?

Don't build walls

To avoid “trading walls”, we ask you to separate your sell orders. Below you can see what we mean. We ask you to do it because if you put all of your sell quantity at one price then you’ll lose a chance to hit the target in time.

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What we have?

John has 10,000 TRX.

Mike has 50,000 TRX.

Leon has 32,000 TRX.

Signals is

Symbol: TRX

1-5 days, Binance

Buy under: 0.00063

Sell range: 0.00075/0.00079

John puts:

2,000 TRX at 0.00075

4,000 TRX at 0.00076

4,000 TRX at 0.00077

Mike puts:

20,000 TRX at 0.00075

15,000 TRX at 0.00076

15,000 TRX at 0.00077

Leon puts:

32,000 TRX at 0.00079

”What they did is in fact build a wall. Yes, even just 3 people can build a wall and destroy profits, because in this example they have a huge amount of coins. This means the price can't go any higher until the trading wall is destroyed. It has to be destroyed in order for everyone to make profit and the signal to reach target.” Wall has been built only buy 3 person with huge amount of coins. Price can't go higher untill walls will not be destroyed.



Put your sell orders randomly in our recommended range.

In our example the range is: 0.00075/79, therefore all three traders should have spread out their sell orders.

Range is: 0.00075/79.

For example put sell orders at: 0.0007581, 0.0007622, 0.0007792, 0.0007865

(Please note: this is a stylized example to explain this concept, and you don't need to put sell orders exactly at these prices)
Trading this way we will prevent trading walls built by us – and maximize everyone’s profits.
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